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There’s a hat for every head, and with a myriad of styles to choose from, finding the perfect one can be an exciting journey. Whether you’re looking for functionality, fashion, or both, the world of headwear offers a vast array of options to suit every taste and occasion. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of 33 different hat types to inspire your next headwear selection. From classic styles to trendy modern designs, there’s something for everyone.

Ready to dive deeper into the world of headwear? From the history of iconic hat styles to tips on how to choose the perfect hat for any occasion, our guide offers a wealth of information to help you make informed and stylish headwear choices. Keep reading to explore the fascinating realm of hats and discover the perfect one for you.

[1] Baseball cap/Curve baseball cap

As the name suggests, it is a special item for baseball players. The baseball cap consists of two parts: the cap and the cap. The design is usually simple and neat. It is a functional cap that has functions such as shade, warmth, and styling. Usually, the cap of the baseball cap is curved inwards, and the cap of the baseball cap is also called a curved baseball cap.



distressed baseball cap

Vintage denim cap


[2] Hip-hop cap/flat baseball cap



flat snapback cap

Snapback flat bill


This is a branch developed from baseball caps. The street culture is relatively strong. Some hip hop singers like to wear them as hip hop caps. Usually, the brim is flat, and there is a process design under the brim. The design is more street style, fancy, and personality. There is also a flat baseball cap.

[3] Advertisement cap/net cap/Trucker hat

A truck cap is a type of baseball cap. Sometimes it is also referred to as advertising caps because at first such hats were promotional materials for the supply company to promote products to farmers and truck drivers. There are six almost triangular top hats, one at the top, and the rest is a breathable plastic mesh. The top of this hat’s foam stands straight and has an adjustable plastic card or shackle to adjust the size and comfort of the wearer in the sun or hot weather.



trucker cap

Trucker cap w/ mesh back


[4] Camping Hat/Five PanelTrucker hat

Camping hats, also called five caps, top two, left, right and front one. Different materials, different soft and hard, hats shallow.

[5] Visor

Visor is different from the ordinary hat and the top is empty. Therefore, between the hat manufacturers, it is customarily called it as “empty top hat”. On the network, the empty top hat is also called the “sun shading hat.”



sun visor wholesale

Sun visor


[6] Military cap trucker hat

In the 19th century, it evolved from the German military cap. It was also called the field cap. Some hats had two pieces of cloth on both the left and right sides that could be put down. The soft, usually cloth material, was now developing a new material. The front of the cap wall is high behind; the front of the hat is the most common hat during the war.



Military trucker cap

Military trucker cap


[7] Ivy Caps


Before saying this, many people had caps and baseball caps, and there were some fashion editors who didn’t believe you went searching for them.

The cap is characterized by a flat cap and a visor, which is commonly known as a duck cap. Initially, it was a hat worn by hunters for hunting. Therefore, it was also called a hunting hat. Because of its flat edge like a duck tongue, it was said that the cap, the cap and the top of the head were connected.



wholesale custom tartan hat

Ivy Cap(flat cap)


[8] Newsboy hat


The hats worn by children previously dedicated to newspapers should have been seen during the beach period of the last century. The newsboy hat gives a neutral playful feeling, which is very boyish. The newsboy hat has a visor and a hat top, and the top of the hat is soft and has multiple flaps.



newsboy cap

Newsboy cap(flat hat)


[9] Deerstalker cap

It is a hat with a brim, a hat with ear protection, and a tie on the top of the head. Traditional deerstalkers are generally made of British tweed. As the name implies, it is a hat for hunting. Fawlms likes this hat



deerstalker hat

Deerstalker hat


[10] Bucket Hat

The edge of the fisherman’s hat is narrow and small. It can be covered very deeply. It is the same type of hat for both men and women; there is a rim with a slight trapezoidal shape, and the outside is wrapped with steel wire, which is soft and can be easily folded with a small cloth bag. Into the small bag.



bucket hat wholesale

bucket hat


[11] Cloche cap


The bell-shaped hat is a bell-shaped hat, popular in the United States from the 1920s to 1933. Invented by French designer Caroline Reboux in 1908. Its name comes from the French word “Cloche” which means “bell”. Usually woolen material, harder.
Special note: The next few caps are more popular and you must be aware that you are not trying to tease you.



Cloche hat wholesale

Cloche hat


[12] Top Hat/Magic hat

Also called a top hat or top hat. Before the 1920s, this kind of hat was a standard daily cap for men and politicians in Europe and America. After the 1920s, the top hat was only used on the most formal occasions, such as morning dresses and dovetail evening dresses. Today’s top hat was used as props by some magicians and artists.



Top hat wholesale

Top hat(Magic hat)


[13] Bowler

The bowler hat, also known as the Derby hat, was invented by the Englishman James Mick in 1850. The starting point of the design was the use of hard materials to protect the head, but it began to gain popularity in the late 19th century. The main reason was that the bowler hat was similar to the high-top silk hat worn by high society, but the price was not so high. Felt material is also easy to clean, so it is very popular among the well-to-do society. The top of the hat is rounded, and the brim is usually rolled up slightly.



bowler hat supplier

Bowler hat


[14] Beret

It is a flat no-soft helmet. Berets are easy to fold, not afraid of extrusion, easy to carry, beautiful and so on. Many people will mix berets and painter hats.



communist beret hat manufacturer

Wool beret


[15] French beret

Many people think that the French beret is a beret. This is a very embarrassing thing; French beret is actually a kind of hat that some painters, especially the Japanese cartoonists like to wear, this hat is as soft as a beret, There is a small antenna-like decoration on the top of the hat. The hat is literary, cute and gentle.



communist beret hat manufacturer

French beret


[16] Gentleman Hat Fedora


It was originally a hat made of soft, now derived from other materials and coloring. There are two depressions in front of the cap wall (convenient hand to hold), and the top is a drop-shaped depression with a round front and a round back. The brim is wider and generally flat. Because of its softness, the brim and cap can be snaking freely and styling, which began in 1891.



fedora crown types



[17] Humboldt Hat Homburg

Similar to the gentleman’s hat, the difference is that the Homburg hat has a hard texture and is not easily deformed; and the cap wall does not have a hand-squeezed depression. The cap is turned upside down, giving people a feeling of better texture and more dominance.


[18] Trilby

Compared to a gentleman’s hat and hat, there are two depressions in front of the hat (for convenience), and the jazz cap will have a back flip. It will look more playful and lively.

Trilby is a branch of a gentleman’s hat. He was affectionately called a jazz hat because many later Sir Blues and Ling Ge singers wore it. Their hats were narrow and they became the number one item in the “Swinging London” of the 60s.



trilby hat supplier

Trilby hat


[19] Porkpie hat

English translation: Pork pies, hats like pork pies, also known as PP caps. In 1830, the brim has a small curl, and the top of the brim may have indentations inwards. In the 1960s, Jamaica launched a wave of rudeboy. The indispensable outfit was the PP cap. Since then, it has been divided into British PP caps and Jamaican PP caps.



lady wool hat

Porkpie hat


[20] Flat-top Straw Hat Boater

Flat-top hard hats were invented in France in the 19th century on the banks of the Seine. At that time, people put on a costume resembling a naval crew, often wearing a round cap with a flat top edge and decorated with colored ribbons. People who advocate rowing activities therefore claim to be the initiators of such hats. This hat is also It was quickly renamed “The Captain’s Hat” made of hard sennit straw.



Flat top hat

Flat top hat


[21] Panama hat

Panama hat, born in Ecuador, used for the summer hat. Weaved by local Panamanian grass, the finer the weaving, the higher the price of the hat; it is intangible cultural heritage. So a Panama hat is a Panama hat. Panama is not just a hat type. It is a gentleman hat, a jazz hat, a wide brim hat, a flat-top straw hat.

The above-mentioned hats belong to the class of hats. If you don’t know the specific styles, you can call them hats. Don’t refer to the hat as a cap of a Panama hat. Although you know about Baidu, there are a lot of mistakes.

Special note: The next few caps are very similar and may be useful for your gatherings abroad.



wool panama hat wholesale

Wool panama hat


[22] Wide Hat

The big hat is usually called a beach hat or a sun hat. The distinctive features of the hat can be seen from the text: that is, the hat is very large, and the wide hat can provide a good shade effect. In recent years, designers have added more fashion elements to their large hats, such as the popular lace, tassels, and rivets. Different elements have different effects, and generally speaking, they are more ladylike.



lady beach hat

Lady wide hat



[23]Fancy Sombrero hat

It was particularly popular around the 10th century. It is now only seen in the celebrity gatherings in the European high society. It is rarely seen in peacetime. The hat is particularly exquisitely decorated with feathers, flowers, gemstones and laces. It is an upgraded version of the wide-brimmed hat and is more exaggerated.

[24] UFO Cap Cartwheel hat

Frisbee caps are wide rounded or UFO-shaped designs. It can be made in a variety of materials, including straw or felt, usually with a low crown, and generally the head can not afford to go in. It can be similar to a fancy hat. Generally speaking, it is worn obliquely instead of being worn in the middle of the head, otherwise it looks like a halo.

[25] Pamela Hat

1741 Samuel Richardson’s novel is named after the heroine of the same name. It is a straw hat with a hair band and flowers around the cap. The top of the cap is soft. The head is covered from behind and the forehead is exposed. From the chin, left and right, the headband is tied from the chin. A gentle woman feels

[26] Doll hat

The cap design is scaled down so that the doll can wear a hat. It can be of any design and is usually worn on the front of the head. The hat is usually tightly wrapped with an elastic band and is a decorative cap

Although you may not buy it now, you will see it one day. Please tell me, I want to buy! ! ~

[27]Cowboy hat

Cowboy cowboys originated from Mexico, cowboy hats are usually made of fur, texture wear-resistant, wide top high, wind and sand. Slightly heavier and harder than other hats, with the brim on both sides rolling upwards, usually with a circle of ornament (hat ring) at the junction of the cap wall and the brim. Has a strong clothing style



western cowboy hat Brown color

Western cowboy hat


[28]Half Hat

As the name implies, a half hat refers to a hat that covers half of the head. Since it is another half hat, it is clipped on the head like a hair hoop; the wedding dress is more common.

[29]Sailor Hat

That is, the caps are all turned upside down. The top of the hat is generally equal to the height of the brim. The cap of the sailor is a full-turning hat. Full-over caps are caps that have been fully upturned.



Docker sailor hat

Docker sailor hat


[30]Knit cap/Beanie


Refers to a hat that is usually knitted with wool and has no specific shape characteristics. It is generally cylindrical, has no edges, the top is sagging naturally, and it is tightly wrapped around the head when worn. The advantage is that it has good ductility, is foldable, and can be easily carried without deformation.



Toques beanies wholesale

Toques beanies


[31] Turban

As the name implies, a scarf or headscarf is used to form a hat on the head. The different colors and patterns of different haircuts are both religious and ethnic. Of course, there are ladies and noble ladies. Look at your style and style.



Lei Feng hat is a cotton hat in the 55th winter uniform of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. Lei Feng is famous in China and has become one of the symbols of Lei Feng. It originated from the Soviet Union’s winter hat “ушанка”, probably meaning “ear hat”, used widely as a winter cap in the Soviet-headed socialist camp and has been used in our country so far



trapper hat

Trapper hat


[33] Pillbox hat

Historically, the predecessor tubular cap was a military headdress. In the late Roman Empire, piteus pannonius or “Pandonia hat” – similar to the modern crown hat headdress – was worn by Roman soldiers.

Conclusion of Hat Types

In conclusion, the world of headwear is rich with diverse styles, ranging from timeless classics like the Fedora and Panama Hat to modern favorites such as the Bucket Hat and Trilby. This comprehensive list of 33 hat types serves as a valuable resource for anyone seeking their next headwear inspiration, catering to both fashion and functionality.

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