richardson 112 vs port authority c112 – What is the difference?

By Published On: May 16th, 20231.8 min read
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01. Brand

Port Authority is known for offering a range of high-quality products, while Richardson is known for their premium quality hats and caps, particularly in the sports industry.

02. Material

Richardson 112 and Port Authority C112 material is slightly different.

03. Fit

Richardson 112 and Port Authority C112 come with different cutting pattern, thus their fit is a bit different

both the Richardson 112 and Port Authority C112 are great baseball cap options, but they differ in material, fit, sweatband, closure, branding, and availability. Ultimately, the choice between these two caps comes down to personal preference and which features are most important to you.

Richardson 112 and Port Authority C112 are two popular baseball cap brands. While they may look similar, there are actually several differences between the two.

  1. Material: The Richardson 112 is made of a cotton polyester 60/40 T/C front and visor with mesh back panels, while the Port Authority C112 is made of a 100% cotton (solid colors) & cotton/polyester blend 65/35 T/C.
  2. Fit: The Richardson 112 has a higher crown and deeper fit compared to the Port Authority C112, which has a lower profile design.
  3. Sweatband: The Richardson 112 features a moisture-wicking sweatband, which helps keep sweat out of your eyes during physical activity. The Port Authority C112 does not have a sweatband.
  4. Branding: The Richardson 112 features the Richardson logo embroidered on the front, while the Port Authority C112 has a label sewn onto the back strap.
  5. Availability: Richardson 112 caps are typically sold through authorized dealers or online, while Port Authority C112 caps can be found at many retail stores.

In summary, both hats are great options depending on your specific needs. The Richardson 112 offers a wider range of color options and a more modern profile, while the Port Authority C112 provides a convenient hook and loop closure system at a lower price point.

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