Fedora hat always come with a side and top gutter-dented crown: teardrop crown, diamond crown, center dents and others, the position of pinches can vary. Front brim “snapped down” and back “snapped up”. It has became the very popular accessories especially for events.

Make your own custom fedora hat, Usually he breathable material used on fedora lends its self to some interesting design techniques you can use to make it really stand out. For example to add some optional decorations such as a custom Print ribbon, patches or Direct printing on the fedora would be also very eye-catching.

custom fedora hat


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Direct Manufacturer

Our skilled sales rep. ensure your special requirement could be digested firstly and then pass over to production, also report you the current manufacturing status.

Sharp Price

Our direct manufacturer price could be your competitive strong point when compete with others. Thus we share and cheering our mutual benefits because of it.

Quality Guarantee

We only use the high standard quality material and hand inspect on every order to make sure it meets our high standards, ensuring it will meet yours.


At CNCAPS we don’t only sell blank hats. We build your cap from the selection, customizing it to your exact requirement.

Material Options

We offer almost of material you can think to make a hat out including: 100% Cotton Twill Cotton, Polyester/PP, Poly/Nylon Mesh, Faux-Leather, Acrylic /Wool heather, 100% Wool, Faux-Suede

custom fedora hat material

Brim Style

Custom fedora brims are short brim fedora and wide brim fedora, brim width from 4.5cm – 6.8cm.

custom fedora hat wide brim
custom fedora short brim

Crown Shape

Here you can find multiple options for the fedora crown shape in  teardrop crown, diamond crown, center dents.

custom fedora hat crown

Bespoke Brands

To have your unique and bespoke cap you can choose to have the embroidery, print on hat directly or on the hat band, labels including main label, closure label, and hangtag also.

custom print fedora hat
custom print ribbon fedora hat


After you select from the various options on fedora hat, then we start to develop your branded caps, as easy as 1-2-3

design cap

Free Design

Begin with an idea, sketch, picture or artwork. You can try with our free design services to get what you want

custom fedora hat sample

Sample Making

Then we start to make the physical samples according to the proof and send you by express, this process need approx. 7 days.

custom fedora hat production

Mass production

After sample approved by client we start to produce the bulk order exactly same as the approved Pre-production sample.



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