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Starting a business in customized dad hats is a great way to tap into a popular and growing market. With the ability to create high-quality hats that are in demand, you can create a successful and profitable business. So why not take advantage of this opportunity to start your own customized soft top hat business today?


Dad hats are just a simple 6-panel baseball cap with unstructured front panels and simple logos. They’ve been around for years, but only recently have they been attributed with their own name and style. Dad hats lack the frills of snapback, trucker, and fitted caps; quite simply, they are something your dad would wear.

Don’t let the name fool you, these hats are more trendy than ever. Complete with an unstructured body, a metal buckle and a curved bill; your customers will be the coolest kids (or dads) on the block when they wear this hat. Create a custom dad hat that is unique to your brand from an unlimited color palette, a variety of base materials, and optional embellishments such as a custom patch.

Show off your team and brand loyalty with a custom DAD HAT now!

custom dad hat


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    Custom Dad Hat Bulk Price

    Here you can find the wholesale price for different quantity orders

    Since we are the direct custom headwear manufacturer, we make these custom dad hats by our own factory, so you are having the direct factory prices. You have the lower cost than your competitors. Here you can find the bulk dad hat prices list here below.

    QuantityPrice per dad hat
    500-1000 pieces$ 2.60
    1000-3000 pieces$ 2.30
    3000-5000 pieces$ 1.90
    5000-10000 pieces$ 1.80
    10000+ pieces$ 1.50
    * Please contact for more details

    Dad Hat Custom Made Options

    At CNCAPS we don’t only sell blank Caps. We build your cap from the selection, customizing it to your exact requirement.

    custom dad hat w/ logo

    Endless Custom Possibilities for Custom Hats


    • Material can be 100% Cotton Twill, Cotton / Poly, Twill Poly, Faux-Leather Acrylic /Wool, Corduroy, Ottoman etc.
    • Profile Shape: High, Mid, Low
    • Bill Options: Flat, Curved, Sandwich
    • Closure: Snapback, Fitted, Velcro, Metal Buckle w/ Tuck in
    • Custom Embellishment Options: Embroidered, Pins, Patches, Labels, Printing in bias tape or Multiple Areas & much more

    Material Options

    We offer almost of material you can think to make a dad hat out including: 100% Cotton Twill Cotton, Polyester Twill, Poly/Nylon Mesh, Faux-Leather, Acrylic /Wool heather, 100% Wool Corduroy, Canvas, Faux-Suede

    custom dad hat fabric

    Profile Shapes

    You can get the most comfortable fit and shape from our low, mid, high profile caps.

    custom dad hat profile

    The Closure

    Dad hats often come with a velcro or metal buckle closure w/ tuck in, and they typically come as one size fits most. Some dad hats may also come in the snapback style.

    custom dad hat with metal ring buckle
    custom dad hats w/ slide buckle

    Bespoke Brands

    To have your unique and bespoke cap you can choose to have the embroidery, print on inner twin stitching tape, labels including main label, closure label, and hangtag also.

    custom dad hat Logo

    From Design to Order

    dad hat custom logo
    custom dad hat mock up
    dad hat custom logo

    step1: you send us the logo

    step2: Pricing & mock-up approval

    step3: Produce & ship

    Worry About Design?

    Don’t worry at all, Our free virtual design tool & dedicated team will help you a lot!

    custom dad hat free design

    Easy to Use Free Design Tool

    Create your unique custom dad hats with our simple and easy to use design tool. Upload your images, Add cliparts, add text, adjust sizing, change color, and so much more! Visit here

    custom dad hat design online

    Professional Designer Assistance(if need)

    Whether you are interested in creating something entirely or need have difficulty when uploading your design, our team of professional graphic designers are here to help. All free of charge! Contact now!


    Some examples for your inspiration, contact us if you have specific requirement.

    Custom dad hat w/ long strap

    Custom dad hat w/ music tape embroidery

    Custom dad hat w/ frog embroidery

    Custom dad hat distressed design


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      Printing you custom dad caps is so easy as following steps.

      custom dad hat order process
      custom dad hat free design

      Free Design

      Begin with an idea, sketch, picture or artwork. You can try with our free design services to get what you want

      custom dad hat sample

      Sample Making

      Then we start to make the physical samples according to the proof and send you by express, this process need approx. 7 days.

      custom dad hat production

      Mass production

      After sample approved by client we start to produce the bulk order exactly same as the approved Pre-production sample.

      dad hat packing


      Already know what you need? Our skilled staff will walk you through the easy ordering process and  let’s get started on your project today!

      More Informaiton

      The perfect headwear for those who want to add a touch of vintage style to their outfits. Our caps are made with high-quality materials and feature a pre-washed and weathered finish that gives them a stylish, worn-out look.

      With our distressed caps, you can achieve a retro and shabby-chic aesthetic that is sure to turn heads. The faded and broken-in appearance of our hats makes them a versatile accessory that can be paired with any casual outfit. Whether you’re going for a classic, timeless look or a more contemporary, streetwear-inspired style, our distressed dad hats are the perfect finishing touch.

      Crafted from durable materials, our vintage dad hats are made to withstand daily wear and tear, while the adjustable strap ensures a comfortable, secure fit. Our collection includes a range of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect cap to suit your personal taste and preferences.

      Overall, our distressed dad hats offer a unique and stylish addition to any wardrobe. Shop our selection today and elevate your style with our high-quality, worn-out ball caps.

      You will need to come up with a design for your custom dad hat. This could involve creating a logo or graphic to go on the front of the hat, choosing colors and materials, and deciding on any additional features such as a strap or adjustable closure.

      Yes, sure!

      Before ordering a large quantity of hats, it’s a good idea to produce a prototype to ensure that the design and materials are exactly what you want. Cncaps will provide a sample hat for you to approve before proceeding with a larger order.

      Once you’re satisfied with the prototype, you can place an order for your custom dad hats. The manufacturer will produce the hats according to your specifications and ship them to you once they’re ready.

      Private label distressed dad hats are a popular choice for customization because of their casual, comfortable style. When it comes to customization options for private label distressed dad hats, there are several possibilities, including:

      Embroidery: Embroidery is a classic customization option for hats. It involves stitching a design or text onto the hat using thread. Embroidery can be done in a variety of colors and can create a bold, eye-catching design.

      Screen Printing: Screen printing is another popular customization option for dad hats. This method involves printing a design onto the hat using a mesh screen and ink. Screen printing is ideal for large designs and text.

      Heat transfer: Heat transfer involves printing a design onto a special paper and then transferring it onto the hat using heat. This method is great for designs with a lot of detail, and it allows for a full-color design.

      Patches: Patches are another option for customizing distressed dad hats. Patches can be made from a variety of materials and can be attached to the hat using adhesive or stitching.

      Labeling: Private labeling is also an option for customization. You can have your own brand label sewn onto the hat, which can help to build brand recognition.

      When customizing distressed dad hats, it’s important to choose a customization method that will work well with the hat’s distressed style. Embroidery, screen printing, and heat transfer are all great options for distressed dad hats, as they won’t detract from the hat’s unique texture and appearance.