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Custom scarves are a versatile accessory that can add a unique touch to your style or promote your business. At Cncaps, we offer custom scarf manufacturing services to bring your vision to life. Our scarves can be made from a variety of materials, including polyester, acrylic, lycra, fleece, wool, cotton, silk, and more. With our custom options, you can personalize your scarves by adding your company logo, message, or any design you desire. Stay on-trend with popular design choices such as plaid, stripes, or floral patterns. You can try our custom scarf manufacturing service at Cncaps. Whether you’re looking to create a unique fashion statement or promote your brand, our high-quality scarves and efficient production process will exceed your expectations. Contact us today to bring your custom scarf designs to life and make a lasting impression.

There are two ways to create your own custom scarf designs:

Design Your Own Custom Scarves: You can create your own custom scarf designs using your logos, text, and colors. This allows you to have complete control over the design process and create a truly unique scarf.

Professional Design Team: Alternatively, you can let a professional design team create free mockups for you. This can be a good option if you don’t have design experience or if you want to save time.


If you want to see our quality before purchasing custom scarves with logo in bulk, simply let us know and we’ll send you a sample.

    design custom scarves

    Direct Manufacturer

    Our skilled sales rep. ensure your special requirement could be digested firstly and then pass over to production, also report you the current manufacturing status.

    Sharp Wholesale Price

    Our direct manufacturer price on personalized scarves could be your competitive strong point when compete with others. Thus we share and cheering our mutual benefits because of it.

    Quality Guarantee

    We only use the high standard quality material and hand inspect on every order to make sure it meets our high standards, ensuring the custom scarves will meet yours.

    Custom Scarves Bulk Discounts

    Since we are the direct custom personalized scarves manufacturer, we make these printed or embroidered scarves by our own factory, so you are having the direct factory prices. You have the lower cost than your competitors. Here you can find the bulk printed scarves wholesale prices list here below(*).

    (*) price example for scarf size 19.5′ scarves:

    QuantityPrice per Scarf
    200-500 pieces6.50
    1000-5000 pieces4.50
    *Other size price please contact us.


    At CNCAPS we don’t only produce classic woven or knit scarves.
    We also build your own unique style of Infinity Scarves, Embroidered Scarves etc. customizing it to your exact requirement.

    Custom Scarves Material Options

    These materials can be used to make custom scarves. Here are some options:
    Polyester: Polyester fabrics like Chiffon, Dilly, and Whisper are recommended for photo print scarves. They are lightweight, airy, and sheer.
    Silk: Silk is a popular material for custom scarves, standard fabric used by luxury designer brands, and is made from 100% silk twill, 12/14/16/18 momme. It possesses a perfect combination of weight, drape, and durability. scarves can be printed in different sizes and shapes, and can be presented in a customized tin case.

    Modal, Rayon, and Viscose: These materials are variations on the same fabric type (rayon) and are recommended for custom scarves which hand feel is soft and lightweight.
    Cotton Voile: This is a natural fabric that is recommended for scarves. It is lightweight and breathable.
    Wool, Cashmere: These materials are recommended to make scarves which are warm and soft(Autumn/winter season)

    Print Your Brands

    To have your unique and bespoke custom scarves, you can choose to have the sublimation print scarves as you can see here we did for other clients.

    custom scarves with logo
    custom scarves maker

    Custom scarves packaging

    Custom scarves can be packaged in a variety of ways to enhance their presentation and protect them during shipping or storage. The scarf packaging can be made to order for your custom scarves. It can be designed to fit the specific size and shape of your scarf, and can include branding elements or other customizations.

    Scarf Bags: Scarf bags are a popular way to package and store scarves. They can be made from eco-friendly materials and can be customized with logos or other designs.

    Gift Boxes: Custom scarf gift boxes can be created to add an extra touch of elegance to your scarves. These boxes can be designed to fit the specific size and shape of your scarf, and can be customized with logos or other designs.

    Custom Printed Tissue Paper: Custom printed tissue paper can be used to wrap your scarves and add an extra layer of protection during shipping. This tissue paper can be customized with logos or other designs.

    When choosing a packaging option for your custom scarves, it is important to consider the desired presentation, level of protection, and budget.

    custom scarves packing types

    * Aside from packaging above, it can be custom packed as required.

    Custom Size option

    Custom scarves can come in a variety of sizes depending on the project and desired style. Here are some of the normal size for custom scarves:

    Square Scarves: Square scarves can come in sizes like 20 x 20 inches (small square) or 35 x 35 inches (large square).

    Oblong Scarves: Oblong scarves can come in sizes like 53.2 x 12.2 inches. They can also be customized to other sizes.

    Shawl Scarves: Shawl scarves can come in sizes like 52.4 x 41.3 inches or 45.3 x 35.4 inches.

    Long Scarves: Long scarves can come in sizes like 12 x 54 inches.

    ***All of the scarves above can also be customized to other sizes

    custom scarves size options

    * Aside from regular size above, it can be custom size as required.

    Custom Scarves Design

    Select the type of your scarves and your logo placement, send us your logo and we will do the visual proof for you.

    Supported file types: .ai, .psd, .cdr, pdf, jpg, .tiff (300+dpi)

    If you do not have your own design team, you can ask us for helping you design it as you requested.

    Worry About Design?

    Don’t worry at all, Our free virtual design tool & dedicated team will help you a lot!

    custom scarves design online tool

    Easy to Use Free Design Tool

    Create your unique personalized scarves with our simple and easy to use design tool. Upload your images, Add clip parts, add text, adjust sizing, change color, and so much more! Visit here

    custom scarves design free

    Professional Designer Assistance(if need)

    Whether you are interested in creating something entirely or need have difficulty when uploading your design, our team of professional graphic designers are here to help. All free of charge! Contact now!


    After you select from the various options on custom scarves(silk/poly), then we start to develop your unique design scarves as easy as 1-2-3

    personalized scarves design

    Free Design

    Begin with an idea, sketch, picture or artwork. You can try with our free design services to get your bespoke personalized scarves in bulk

    custom scarves shawl making sample

    Sample Making

    Then we start to make the physical samples according to the proof and send you by express, this process need approx. 7 days.

    custom scarves delivery

    Mass production and delivery

    After sample approved by client we start to produce the bulk custom scarves exactly same as the approved Pre-production sample.

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      Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to custom scarves:

      Q: What materials can be used for custom scarves?

      A: Custom scarves can be made from a variety of materials, including polyester, acrylic, lycra, fleece, wool, cotton, and silk.

      Q: How can I design my own custom scarf?

      A: You can upload your own artwork or custom design to personalize your scarf. Or you can contact our team to do the design work for you.

      Q: Can I add my company logo or message to a custom scarf?

      A: Yes, we offer custom scarf printing services that allow you to add your company logo or message to the scarf. You can choose the color, material, and design of the scarf to match your branding.

      Q: What are some popular design trends for custom scarves?

      A: Some popular design trends for custom scarves include plaid, stripes, and floral patterns. You can also create personalized photo collage scarves using a single image or collage.

      Q: How long does it take to receive a custom scarf?

      A: The production time for custom scarves varies depending on the design, but normally 3-4 weeks if the design is not too complicated.

      If you have any other questions about custom scarves, feel free to contact us and tell us which style of custom scarf you are interested in. At Cncaps, we offer custom scarf manufacturing services and are happy to answer any questions you may have.