The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Cowboy Hats

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Cowboy hats are an iconic part of cowboy culture and Western wear. While the general image of a cowboy hat may seem straightforward, there are actually many different styles and varieties to choose from.

cowboy hats types

Anatomy of a Cowboy Hat


The crown, a hat’s focal point, graces the wearer’s head with an air of distinction. This uppermost section, meticulously crafted, can be either creased or left uncreased, presenting a canvas for personalization. The crown’s height is not merely a practical consideration; it’s a stylistic choice, influencing the hat’s overall silhouette. Taller crowns exude classic charm, while shorter counterparts embrace a more contemporary flair.


Moving down to the brim, it’s more than a mere rim—it’s a masterful design. The circumference varies, creating balance and symmetry that defines the hat’s style. Paying homage to the Western sun, the brim’s width and curvature are artistic decisions. A wider, gently curved brim nods to tradition, while a narrower one offers a modern edge. Beyond aesthetics, the brim serves a crucial role, strategically designed to shade the eyes from the sun.

Ten-Gallon Hat: A Western Icon

The Ten-Gallon Hat, steeped in Western heritage, has a unique origin and distinctive features that make it an enduring symbol of cowboy fashion.

Origin and Evolution

Originally emerging as an exaggerated rendition of the Mexican sombrero, the Ten-Gallon Hat encapsulates the cultural fusion between American and Mexican influences. Over time, it has evolved into an iconic representation of Western style.

Distinctive Design

Characterized by an exceptionally wide brim and a tall crown, the hat’s design is both striking and functional. The exaggerated proportions contribute to its commanding presence, making it a recognizable accessory in Western wear.

Artistic Embellishments

Adding to its allure, the Ten-Gallon Hat is often adorned with decorative bands, feathers, and other embellishments. These artistic elements not only enhance its visual appeal but also allow for a personalized touch, making each hat a unique expression of style.

Stockman Hat: Classic for Everyday Working

The Stockman Hat, a revered classic in the world of cowboy attire, is the go-to choice for everyday ranch work and traversing the range. Distinguished by its shorter crown and narrower brim, this practical hat strikes the perfect balance between sun protection and unrestricted movement—an essential for the on-the-go cowboy.

Its no-nonsense style has made the Stockman Hat a staple of the American West for generations. Sturdy and reliable, it has earned the trust of cowboys facing long days in the saddle. If you seek an authentic cowboy hat with an iconic look, the Stockman stands the test of time, embodying the spirit of the rugged West with enduring elegance.

Bullrider Hat: Defying the Rodeo with Style

The Bullrider Hat, a true symbol of rodeo fashion, is crafted with a tight-fitting design tailored for the daring sport of bull riding.

Rodeo-Ready Design

This distinctive hat features a creased crown strategically designed to maintain its shape during the intense rigors of bull riding, reflecting both style and functionality.

Practical Brim

With a short brim, the Bullrider Hat prioritizes functionality, ensuring it stays firmly in place even amidst the turbulent action. This attention to detail showcases the hat’s commitment to the practical needs of bull riders, making it an essential part of their rodeo gear.

Cowboy Hat material types

Materials for Cowboy Hats

Felt: Tradition, Durability, and Shapeability

Tradition, Durability, and Shapeability

For cowboy hats, wool felt stands as the timeless and traditional choice, showcasing a rich history in Western fashion.

Naturally Water Resistant and Durable

Felt, being naturally water-resistant, provides durability that withstands the elements, making it a reliable material for cowboy hats in various weather conditions.

Shapeability when Damp

One of its distinctive features is its malleability when damp, allowing wearers to shape the hat according to their preference. This characteristic adds a personalized touch to each hat, contributing to its individualized style and comfort.

Straw: Lightness and Breathability

Woven Construction

Straw cowboy hats, skillfully woven from materials such as hemp or sisal, capture the essence of craftsmanship and natural elegance.

Lightweight and Breathable

Renowned for their lightweight and breathable nature, these hats offer a comfortable and airy wear, making them particularly well-suited for individuals in warmer climates.

Ideal for Warmer Climates

The straw material’s inherent breathability and cooling properties make it a popular choice for those seeking both style and relief in sun-drenched regions. Embrace the laid-back charm and practicality of straw cowboy hats in your warm-weather wardrobe.

Leather: Enduring Craftsmanship and Style

Durable and Weatherproof

In the realm of cowboy hats, leather stands out as a symbol of durability and weather resistance, embodying the rugged spirit of the West.

Care for Longevity

While inherently durable, leather requires extra care to prevent cracking over time. Regular maintenance and protective measures ensure the longevity of this robust material.

Artistic Embellishments

Leather cowboy hats often boast intricate tooled designs, adding a touch of artistry to their rugged appeal. Explore the synergy of durability and style with a leather hat adorned with unique embellishments that tell a story of craftsmanship and individuality.


Cowboy Hat Accessories

Cowboy hats, an iconic symbol of Western culture, come in various styles, each with its unique flair and functionality. Hat accessories play a crucial role in not only enhancing the aesthetic appeal but also serving practical purposes.

Hat Bands

Hat bands are decorative bands wrapped around the crown, often boasting intricate southwestern designs. Serving a dual purpose, they contribute to the hat’s visual appeal while helping to secure and shape it. These bands are an excellent way for individuals to personalize their cowboy hats, adding a touch of individuality.

Chin Straps

For those braving the outdoors, especially bullriders navigating the challenges of the rodeo, chin straps are indispensable. These leather straps, discreetly secured under the chin, prevent the hat from becoming airborne in gusty winds. Beyond functionality, chin straps contribute to the rugged aesthetic, embodying the spirit of the cowboy on the frontier.

Stampede Strings

Stampede strings are leather cords gracefully hanging from the sides of the brim. Serving both a decorative and utilitarian purpose, these strings can be intricately braided or adorned with beads for added flair. When tied under the chin, stampede strings ensure the hat stays firmly in place during windy escapades, making them an essential accessory for any cowboy hat aficionado.



With many styles, materials, and accessories to choose from, there are cowboy hats suitable for work, play, and any Western occasion. Consider your needs and preferences to pick the ideal cowboy hat for you.

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