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19 02, 2019

Why Chinese men don’t like wearing Green hat


Why Chinese men don’t like wearing Green hat Green is nature's common color, is a more than just a long tender grass of the color darker colors or in a brilliant green, and the spectrum intermediary green with yellow between the kind of color. Green is an electromagnetic wave of the visible light portion of the wavelength portion, the wavelength is Nm, Green is nature's common color. On behalf of the meaning of freshness, hope, safety, peace, comfort, life, peace, tranquility, Natural, Environmental Protection, growth, vitality, youth, life...  Thus, Green is one of the favorite color, however, when the extremely [...]

18 01, 2018
  • bucket hat supplier

Must know about bucket hat


Fishing hat? Actually, you don't know a bucket hat! These days it has been cooled down again, and many of my friends told me that I would not dare to wash my hair anymore in the morning. The wind blew a headache. Want me to recommend a hat, trendy and not rotten street, today to bring you a "Fisherman hat" recommendation. Do you think the bucket hat is only worn in summer? It is true that the season for fishermen's hats in previous years was indeed summer, but in today's hip-hop fashion, fishermen's hats, which also have hip-hop colors, have [...]