Why Chinese men don’t like wearing Green hat

Green is nature’s common color, is a more than just a long tender grass of the color darker colors or in a brilliant green, and the spectrum intermediary green with yellow between the kind of color. Green is an electromagnetic wave of the visible light portion of the wavelength portion, the wavelength is Nm, Green is nature’s common color. On behalf of the meaning of freshness, hope, safety, peace, comfort, life, peace, tranquility, Natural, Environmental Protection, growth, vitality, youth, life… 

Thus, Green is one of the favorite color, however, when the extremely rich vitality of color use in the hat on when it does not everyone loves. In China but rarely seen in men of the head there is a green presence. Why, then, the Chinese men do not like to wear?

Green hat as the name suggests, is the green hat, is meant to be the people wearing green hats. Hidden meaning is a man own a woman and another man have an affair, a good friend, then this guy is called is wearing a green hat on.

Being cuckolded legend has it that a long time, although accounts vary, but presumably the meaning is the same, we Chinese always called the woman has an affair with another man, then we called their husband is wearing a ”green hat“ (Lǜ màozi – 绿帽子)

The story of origin:

Long long ago, there was a couple. The wife was so beautiful and many men liked her. Her husband was a businessman and he usually needed to go on business trips. They were quite rich, however, the wife finally had a love affair with a man who sold cloth stealthily. There was a time when the husband stayed at home for three months and the cloth-selling man got impatient. Afterward, the wife asked for a green cloth to make a hat for her husband. “When you see my husband goes out wearing this green hat, you can come to my home.” said the beautiful woman. That’s how the “Green Hat” came from. From this story, so they will be those of the wife affair of men, referred to as wearing a“green hat”on. Gradually the“green hat”turns a lot of men nightmares.

Green Hat History:

Actually, green was the lowest-grade color in ancient times. In Tang Dynasty, the lowest ranking officials wore the green clothes. They even punished the criminals by making them wear green. During the Yuan Dynasty, the prostitutes’ husbands had to wear green clothes.

Usage Examples of Green Hat in Chinese: 

1.Tālǎo po ɡěi tādài lǜ mào zi le 。

他 老 婆 给 他 戴 绿 帽 子 了 。

His wife gave him a green hat.

2. Tā bèi dài lǜ mào zi le 。

他 被 戴 绿 帽 子 了 。

He has worn a green hat.

So most of us knows Chinese men are most afraid of green hat on. However, in another country not far from China their men like to wear a hat, Especially green color of hat…  This country is Vietnam.

Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia, the Indochinese Peninsula to the East, adjacent to China’s Guangxi and Yunnan. As China’s neighbors, Vietnam and China have many similarities. Maybe it is because of this reason, Vietnam in recent years more and more of our people welcome. Therefore, many people often go to Vietnam Tourism. When they arrived in Vietnam, they indeed will find many amazing places, such as they must visit the scenic, food and various cultural heritage. However, in addition, they will also be in Vietnam on the streets of many beauties. More importantly, these beauties not we want to go. Vietnamese men like to wear a hat, but this hat the color is a Chinese man cannot understand!

Although China and Vietnam not far, but the two countries still have many differences. For example, Vietnamese people are especially prohibited for three people to take pictures, they also not with a match for the three men lit a cigarette. They feel unlucky, unwilling to let people touch their head, etc. Of course, these differences may also be due to cultural and historical differences, so people’s habits will vary. But there is one thing that all the to the Vietnamese people deeply emotion.

 In addition to the above points, Vietnamese and Chinese can not understand and accept the characteristics. That is to say, the Vietnamese man is very like the green hat. However, in China, cuckold mean men can not accept. Therefore, go to Vietnam travel, the kids are amazing and they dress so funny.

 Because Vietnam year-round in a state of war, the Vietnam People Very love and admiration of their country soldiers, and the soldiers were usually wearing a green hat. Therefore, the Vietnamese men like to wear green hat. It can be said, in Vietnam, the green hat is a nostalgic and complex. In addition, the Vietnamese and Chinese customs are different. The green hat is not on behalf of his wife for his own infidelity the meaning. Therefore, the Vietnamese men would think that wearing a green hat“handsome”, the girl is very attractive.

 For Vietnamese women, the cuckolded male is very popular. Thus, as in the relationship of the close, the border trade in today’s more and more frequent, the Vietnamese people in the Chinese border to promote their own green hat, this is an embarrassing phenomenon.