Fishing hat? Actually, you don’t know a bucket hat!

bucket hat
These days it has been cooled down again, and many of my friends told me that I would not dare to wash my hair anymore in the morning. The wind blew a headache.

Want me to recommend a hat, trendy and not rotten street, today to bring you a “Fisherman hat” recommendation.

Do you think the bucket hat is only worn in summer?

It is true that the season for fishermen’s hats in previous years was indeed summer, but in today’s hip-hop fashion, fishermen’s hats, which also have hip-hop colors, have become a commodity for the seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

But do you know where the bucket hat came from?Now CNCAPS will tell you the story about bucket hat.

Bucket hat is called Bucket Hat. If we translate it directly, we should call it “water bucket hat”…

The original bucket cap was born in Ireland in 19th century and was made of wool, which, because of its natural waterproofing function, was very suitable for labor at that time.bucket hat

But now, we basically can’t see the wool material, because polyester is highly plastic and cheap, so polyester almost completely replaced the original wool.

bucket hat
It has to be said that the spread of any trend elements can not be separated from the help of Deep-Fried Chicken.

Why would you say that? It was because around -10s, when the Hip Hop culture was in vogue, no one could compete with it. It happened that many of the most popular hip-hop stars and rappers loved to wear a bucket hat, and that’s why the bucket hat went viral! Became the wind vane of the current at that time.

But don’t think the bucket hat is just a bit of a success in Hip-Hop-street culture, which has also been very popular at the International Fashion week in recent years.

The main reason for the popularity of the bucket cap, however, is the moderate height of the bucket cap and the large brim that makes most people wear it with a face-shape effect, the trendsetter says.

So whether your face is round, square, long, flat, you can definitely find the most suitable hat shape, do not believe you can have a try.

So the following trendsetters tell us about the popular fishermen’s hats in recent years.

No.1 solid color bucket hat

The sterling bucket cap is also the most difficult to make a mistake, and it is recommended that the first-time partner choose it.

In autumn and winter, trendsetter recommends black and gray, in addition to the style of the current season, but also very durable.

And spring and summer two seasons, trendy monarch is suggested to choose white, blue, red these more lively colors, help the overall shape of the promotion and bright spots, the truth is a good choice ~bucket hatbucket hat

No.2 bucket hat with Logo (also known as Logo bucket hat)

The patterned bucket hat is also very simple, just a little more Lagoon than the solid-colored bucket hat described above.

However, it is also official, with the perennial popularity of the Japanese style of simplicity will not make the shape too monotonous.

No.3 floral printed bucket hat

Printed bucket hat is one of the most popular in the market, not one of them. Compared with the above two decliners, the printing is more dynamic and hard, breaking the image of boredom and monotony.
Like camouflage, flowers, Yu Wenle above the same type of hemp leaves, and so on, are very fashionable and handsome.bucket hatbucket hat

bucket hat    bucket hat