11 styles cool hat for men introduction

1. Bowler hat
In 1850 the British invented the bowler is a felt hat, the beginning is designed to protect the head, so it is hard material. A bowler hat in late nineteenth Century began to spread, because the top hat bowler and other high nobility wearing is very similar, and the top hat daily convenience price low and felt material cleaning up is also very easy, so popular.The bowler hat in Britain was one of the gentleman culture symbol, this kind of hat culture gradually declined in the 1960s. In modern society, has no one to do the daily official Dangdang billy cock accessories. More accessories to use it as a woman, even a very gentleman does not wear this hat the bowler hat called Bowler Hat in British English; American English is called Derby Hat.

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2. Panama hat (Panama cap)
Panama hat originated in Ecuador, is called a Toquera plant weaving Ecuador area together. Panama hats with the most fine grass woven even can be rolled into a cylinder cap, the more elastic thin grass woven out of the better, more expensive. Panama cap price from $100 to $1000. Panama hats up in the Panama Canal area, has started work when the local sun shading wear, so it is called the Panama cap. Panama cap soft, easy to carry, classic all-match, is both a practical and decorative accessories. Panama hats with casual wear, formal dress two suitable, it is one of the necessary accessories for holiday travel. With formal suits, gentleman’s fan, with leisure single Western coat, is another fashionable style. To read the detailed article of Panama hat, please pay attention to the WeChat public number (Song_ShiBo) of Song Shi Bo, send the keyword “men’s hat” and receive a series of articles including Panama hat.

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3. Fedora hat (Fedora)
Fedora hat is wide, like other top water before the depression after the tip of the circle. A fedora hat is made of soft material, and the crown can transform many shapes. Fedora Fedora is male accessories, a drama “but its name from the French playwright Victorien Sardou created in 1882 by F Dora Princess”, this movie released in the United States in 1899, actress F Dora is wearing this hat. F Dora began in the.20 century popular among ladies in 20s. Fedora started to become a gentleman fashion accessories. In 40s the Hollywood movies often have F Dora figure. From the gangs of Chicago to a private detective, journalists use it to cover the eyes, his chin hidden in the collar up Trench Coat, like Humphrey Bogart in “Casablanca”. Slowly, Fedora has become a symbol, a symbol of “the traditional gentleman”. Michael Jackson is also very love Fedora.

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4. Trilby Hat (narrow brimmed Fedora)
Trilby is an improved version of the Fedora hat after it was released to Britain. Its edge is narrower than Fedora. When it wears, it often turns. Trilby and is also called jazz hat. The most popular time is 1960s.The name of the Trilby from the British satirical pictorial writer George Du?? Morille in 1894 launched. Novel the story of the evil musician Svengali with hypnosis a painting model becomes famous singer’s story was adapted into a drama, the play premiered in London at the season’s cap quickly spread, was named Trilby cap. Nowadays, this kind of hat is usually decorated. It’s a way of fashion people display their styles. So you often see it in street pads and fashion magazines.

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5. Homburg Hat (curling Fedora)
Homburg, Homburg Hat, . Homburg and Fedora are very similar styles, but also in a man. But Homburg felt hat brim edge like Fedora is flat, slightly cocked his hat. Homburg from Germany in nineteenth Century national costume, crown concave groove, a front to back, the brim edge to turn up.The beginning of the twentieth Century, King Edward VII of this hat to England, then by celebrity politicians, bankers and other identity men sought. Especially in the gangster film “the godfather”, Homburg is a indispensable props, has become a standard gangster role, can be described as “no Homburg don’t gang.” so then, also called the “Godfather cap” (Godfather hat).

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6.Top Hat (high top hat)
The top hat is often said, “top hat”. Only for collocation morning suits and tuxedo, this hat in late nineteenth Century to twentieth Century is very popular, is a wide, flat, male hat high tube. Hat called top hat, they have a cylindrical, silky material wrapped.18 at the end of the century, a man called Hetherington will be wearing it, popular in London. In times of high streets and back lanes commented: “it changes the men’s face, sooner or later, all accept this overhead accessories.” old movie in 1935, named, film actor Fred Astaire top hat image and elegant movements have influenced generations of the musical film, the movie poster design into the top hat sections is even more impressive.

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7. Porkpie Hat (pork pies)
Porkpie, pork pie hat, name very image, and a ring concave crown cap edge, turned round and flat, the crown cap Porkpie because looks like a pork pie named. When the last century in 20s was very popular, jazz singer very love to wear this hat cap. Porkpie can also be felt can also be straw, now it is because of its retro temperament girls favorite, a pastoral style with it. Collocation (PS: about Porkpie hat translation, transliteration of the name, but did not find the literal translation strategy, a pork pie, it sounds quite interesting.)

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8. Boater Hat (flat top hard straw hat)
The flat top straw hat came into being in summer. In summer, the wool wearing hat is very hot, so there is a flat top straw hat. This kind of hat is often worn by men when boating, and in summer, the flat top straw hat can match the formal dress.

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9. Ivy cap (peaked cap)
A flat, a peaked cap, a duck tongue named. Brim width from two inches to four inch range. The beginning is hunting when the peaked cap hat, also known as hunting hats.

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10. Eight-panel Cap (newsboy cap)
Eight-panel Cap, the hat called the “eight hats”, there is also a common name “Newsboy Cap”, because it was considered standard cap newspaper boys. At the same time, this hat is hunting a hat.The peaked cap and Newsboy Cap belong to the leisure style more concentrated style, in some movies, TV reporters, artists usually love to wear this hat. Love British style of the people must be prepared for the two kinds of styles of hats.

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11. Cowboy Hat (cowboy hat)
The cowboy hat has a strong American flavor, is the American cowboy culture derivatives, the earliest cowboy hat to felt making, will keep out the rain, in response to the U.S. Midwest bad climate, to be functional; now draw the shape of a cowboy hat cowboy hats are wild, decorative, use the material also has the very big change, and for men and women.

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