Felt hats are made from a wide variety of felt materials when considering the quality and its purpose. Felt is a non-woven cloth that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing woollen,fur fibres or chemical fibres sunch as polyester felt, acrylic felt,non-woven etc. The fibres used for hat making are from the soft downy under fur and so hat making felt is very soft compared to the tougher felts used for construction materials. Felt can be made any colour, and formed into any shape or size.

Here below you can find the details of these different material of felt to be formed a hat.

  • Wool Felt :A high quality felt made from sheep’s wool generally for less expensive hats. Its hand feel could be adjust to be soft or stift( according to different customers’ different hand feel requirement)

  • Acrylic Felt: Also formed to be soft felt but much more economic than wool felt,2 layers of acrylic knitting fabric laminated with a sandwich non woven layer.

acrylic felt hat

  • Polyester Felt(Non-woven) : Hand feel is more stiff than acrylic felt, 2 layers of non woven fabric laminated with a sandwich eva layer.





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