It can be extremely daunting trying to negotiate complex business issues when communication is so difficult.
For example your supplier’s samples totally different with what you’ve confirmed,or the mass production packing details not exactly same as it in your contract.
And even worse the Logo print on the hat ribbon are wrong for your mass production order… All of those are because of lacking communication during the job processing.
To get around this problem,customer can always ask our contacts for the skype /whatsapp number and chat online.
We are more than happy to talk with our customer in case of urgent things and to be solved instantly.Also an email will be sent as a record after online talking.

Unreasonable price raising is really a headache and will lose your sleep after you sign a contract with a supplier .
Because everything confirmed and your profit also be locked at such percentage,however the supplier come to ask for a price rising .
And for us as we are always considering long term relatioship with our customer,so we will never request a unreasonable price-raising with our customer.

Low quality issue including Cosmetic defects,Damaged items,Wrong colour/size,Functional defective items,Substandard material or components,Transportation damages,Substandard packaging for the products etc.
These issues on quality mainly come with 2 causes :
Cause A – Misunderstanding between the supplier and the customer
Cause B – The supplier is cheating the importer quality
As state in the point 1 if the importer choose a trustworthy supplier like us do well in communicating ,then these quality issue will be not existing.

Almost customers have their schedule on the goods importing from China,always the preparing time is 2-3 months.That means 80-90 days before they are preparing to contact the supplier for the coming orders .Even if the order is in a big volume scale then 2-3 months maybe not enough.There 2 main factors maybe lead to a delay of shipment :

Factor A – Without communication and careful following-up schedule ,the supplier can not finish the products on time.
Factor B – Even the products finished on time,but they are not familiar with the export procedure and they don’t know how to do the paperwork with customer assigned forwarder,for example they forgot to book the vessel space one week before ETD with the forwarder,they forgot to send ISF(Import Security Filing) to the CNEE and confirm with CNEE 48 hours before the ETD .

So when you are working with us ,these problems will be disappeared based on our strict following-up schedule and experienced team rendering in this area more than 10 years.

Sample was confirmed in a high standard of quality, but for bulk it turns to be significant different than those samples, why this happen, most of this issue comes from lack of experiences from the sales team when communicate with the buyer, for samples the client demand on a high standard,  the sales want to get the order and arrange sample in a high standard, but they did not considering the bulk production. Which will totally make orders fail in the end, even probably the sampling is successful in some way.

For a custom order need to wait till 45-60days? It is too late Especially there is event scheduled.


– When customer dont have a finished drawings,Only with the initial idea and artwork our factory engineers can help customer make graphic mock-ups with your logo, these mock-up also evaluated by our plant production manager so as to check its possibilities for production,then we send these images or drawings to customer for approval.
– If customer provide finished drawings, then we will have the plant production manager check the drawings for technical feasibility,if required modification our designer will adjust them in consultation with you.

If customer need a customized size of hat so we have to set-up new hat molding . it always take 2-3 weeks on the complexity of the tooling.Then customer can choose the color of the hat and ribbon ,so we will start sampling accordingly.Always take 6-7 days for a pre-production sample.

After our sampling room finished the first set of products which made from the new mold are the pre-production samples (PPS). Our QC will check them thoroughly, and after that we will send you 1-2 PPS for approval. We are glad to receive your feedback once you have received the pre-production sample.If some minor changes are required,we will inform the factory and they will produce new pre-production samples. Minimal running changes could also be done at the beginning of mass production and our QC team will check these on the production samples or with an in-line inspection.