Matching tips: Summer is coming, hats are undoubtedly great choice for sun shading. But as a delicate girl, how can you wear a hat just to shade the sun? Beauty is also important!

But maybe some of us are concerning on choosing hats to matching well. Here below we will introduce you some kinds of popular hats wearing-style for example baseball cap, fedora hat, straw hat, bucket hat etc., hope you will learn a little on it so as to help you out on your daily matching problems.


baseball caps matching 2019

Baseball cap, also known as duckbill cap, is the least picky and the easiest-matching hat. Just casually put on a denim jacket, small white shoes, and then put on a baseball cap, immediately full of casual sunshine. Don’t wear a baseball cap tightly, give your hair more space to play its styling function, thus to be more attractive.


beret cap 2019

Whether the beret is worn or worn, or only attached to the back of the head, a variety of wearing methods can be combined with a variety of hair styles, and there are many materials to choose from, which is a big killer that makes you feel culturally looking.

Because the beret does not have a brim, so the fleshy face girl should be cautious, otherwise it will enhance your face shape. When you wear it, you can try different wearing methods, and match the short and long hair for modeling.


fedora hat matching 2019

Fedora hat is a special kind of hat, which is difficult for most people to control. If the overall shape is not accurate, it is easy to make a dancer.People with longer faces are cautious, because the higher Fedora hat will make your head look particularly long. Girls with a high forehead can try more, because they can put a little bit into their hats, and the hats are also effective for modifying the face.


straw hat matching 2019

In the summer when you want to enjoy the sun and nature, you must have a straw hat: one is the natural fit of the straw hat and nature, and the other is the sun shade decoration. Pick the straw hat and remember that the cap is big enough, the bigger the more fashionable! When wearing, at 45 degrees, whether it is forward or backward or obliquely worn, it feels different.


bucket hat 2019 matching

The bucket hat can be described as a very popular trend item this year, because it can be literary, can be sold to age, and all kinds of faces can be controlled.

So, the summer sun hasn’t rushed to the “battlefield,” and the fairies are going to buy a hat that suits them!