How many different hat types for “The straw hat Pirates”

Remarks: The protagonists of the One Piece series are all the members of the Straw Hat Pirates (麦わらの一味 Mugiwara no Ichimi), a crew of nine pirates captained by Monkey D. Luffy. The crew’s number increases throughout the series, as Luffy recruits new members. Once Usopp joins the Straw Hat Pirates, they gain their own ship, the Going Merry, which is later destroyed and replaced by a larger and more powerful vessel, the Thousand Sunny created by their shipwright Franky. Two years later, the Straw Hats gain a new fleet, called the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, consisting of 5,640 pirates from seven different crews; Luffy objects to the idea of being a fleet commander, and organizes his new army in a way that they may act independently, but when one crew is in trouble, the others must do what they can to help them.”

“One Piece” has a supreme position in the hearts of many anime fans, because each of his character is very distinct and unique. Not only does it look like a TV show, but most people like a male TV show. Or a woman. Editor’s attitude is that I like every character in it, even if it is a negative character!

Why do many characters in One Piece wear hats ? Because Eiichirō Oda (Oda Kenichiro) is definitely a addictive hat hobbyist.


NO.1 Luffy 

The most famous is definitely the one which Roronoa Zoro brings, but even if Roronoa Zoro wears a hat, it is also a comedian, unable to match with the male title role.

NO.2  Roronoa Zoro

Just appeared out of the game. Looked at the sharp eyes and domineering body, was erected and slammed absolutely do not lose momentum! However, cable big off hat (headscarf). Funny than the temperament. For the first time, I was shocked by the style of pirates. From then on, one knows the truth. If a pirate wants to have a male god, he can’t pick a hat.

NO.3 Dracule Mihawk

If I remember correctly, Mihawk has never been out of the cap. It has been here, and it has been here… I have never dared to hope, and the dream of finally fulfilling is dashed. Because he became like this. Is this still a person? Or is it?

NO.4  Portgas D. Ace

Ace has become the memory of many people. Although, he is not my god. If he does not have a hat, Esther can’t support it.

NO.5  Trafalgar Law

In fact, I personally feel that when without the cap of Law is also very handsome. And  Law seems to like to call other people, what’s the head, do not know why. He was still handsome and unarmed, but his face was very gentle and he was offensive without wearing a hat.

NO.6 Tony Tony Chopper

Although his hat is not classic enough, because often change. Although, he is not a male god. However, because he suffers from a strong hat disability, put it. (In fact, I couldn’t think of anyone yet). Because when he took off his cap, he became like this.

I think that when Oda thought about his image, he never considered the situation where he took off his cap because it was so weird. By the way, it is definitely a misunderstanding that girls are the most favorite. This figure best represents Chopper. No matter what form he has become, he must not be without a hat.

NO.7 Sabo

I used his childhood as the standard. Although this picture is full of elder brothers, it is not a male god, but everything must be compared. The three brothers can only become memories, and Oda is really a cap.

NO.8  Akainu

Although he looks like a wretched uncle, he cannot stand strong. The three major generals will need to use a hat to disguise it and remove the hat. They can’t see it at all, because they don’t see anything at all. This shows that Oda is also a proper hate for him.

NO.9 Buggy

He may be the only one in a pirate who has become handsome after taking off his hat. This hat, Buggy’s tease than the temperament can not afford it, okay. Just out of play, this image comes alive with the temperament of a cannon fodder. Then he discovered that he actually stayed on Roger’s boat, and was also a good friend of redheads, and his instant status improved by a notch. The Buggy who took off his hat, though he couldn’t avoid the sensational temperament he was in, was definitely one of the best guys in the world. Therefore, how many men became gods.

NO.10 red hair Shanks

The straw hat is still more suitable for Luffy, which is not suitable for red hair. The red hair without a straw hat highlights the arrogance that is suppressed by the hat. There is a temperament of the bandits head. The red hair is countenanced because of the face and countless people are black, but personally feel that the red hair is very attractive, may be too good but Looks like it is not grounded.

NO.11 Vinsmoke Sanji (The straw hat Pirates)

While serving as an apprentice cook on a passenger ship, nine-year-old Vinsmoke Sanji (ヴィンスモーク・サンジ Vinsumōku Sanji) stands up to a boarding party of pirates led by the infamous “Red Foot” Zeff (赫足のゼフ Aka-Ashi no Zefu). During the encounter, Sanji is swept into the sea by a massive wave. Zeff jumps in after him because of their common dream of finding the All Blue (オールブルー Ōru Burū), a legendary sea, containing every kind of fish in the world. While castaways together, the pirate saves Sanji’s life yet again by giving him all of their food. After their eventual rescue, Sanji stays with Zeff for several years and helps him build a floating restaurant, the Baratie (バラティエ).

No.12  Franky (The straw hat Pirates) 

The son of pirate parents who abandon him at age ten, Cutty Flam (カティ・フラム Kati Furamu), nicknamed Franky (フランキー Furankī), is taken in as an apprentice by a shipwright who secretly holds the plans for a devastating ancient weapon.  Franky’s recklessness eventually provides an opportunity for World Government agents seeking these plans.