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14 07, 2019

2019 summer hat matching tips


Matching tips: Summer is coming, hats are undoubtedly great choice for sun shading. But as a delicate girl, how can you wear a hat just to shade the sun? Beauty is also important! But maybe some of us are concerning on choosing hats to matching well. Here below we will introduce you some kinds of  popular hats wearing-style for example baseball cap, fedora hat, straw hat, bucket hat etc., hope you will learn a little on it so as to help you out on your daily matching problems. BASEBALL CAP Baseball cap, also known as duckbill cap, is the least [...]

20 05, 2018
  • luffy straw hat

How many different hat types for “The straw hat Pirates”


How many different hat types for “The straw hat Pirates” Remarks: The protagonists of the One Piece series are all the members of the Straw Hat Pirates (麦わらの一味 Mugiwara no Ichimi), a crew of nine pirates captained by Monkey D. Luffy. The crew's number increases throughout the series, as Luffy recruits new members. Once Usopp joins the Straw Hat Pirates, they gain their own ship, the Going Merry, which is later destroyed and replaced by a larger and more powerful vessel, the Thousand Sunny created by their shipwright Franky. Two years later, the Straw Hats gain a new fleet, called [...]

18 01, 2018
  • bucket hat supplier

Must know about bucket hat


Fishing hat? Actually, you don't know a bucket hat! These days it has been cooled down again, and many of my friends told me that I would not dare to wash my hair anymore in the morning. The wind blew a headache. Want me to recommend a hat, trendy and not rotten street, today to bring you a "Fisherman hat" recommendation. Do you think the bucket hat is only worn in summer? It is true that the season for fishermen's hats in previous years was indeed summer, but in today's hip-hop fashion, fishermen's hats, which also have hip-hop colors, have [...]

28 08, 2017
  • Baseball cap types

What are the different types of baseball caps


  A baseball cap is a type of soft cap with a rounded crown and a stiff peak projecting in front. The front of the cap typically contains designs or logos of sports teams (namely baseball teams, or names of relevant companies, when used as a commercial marketing technique). The back of the cap may be "fitted" to the wearer's head size or it may have a plastic, Velcro, or elastic adjuster so that it can be quickly adjusted to fit different wearers. The baseball cap is a part of the traditional baseball uniform worn by players, with the brim [...]

2 08, 2016
  • Custom straw hat band

Custom straw hat colors and hatband colors

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Custom straw hat colors and hatband colors If you are tired of the existing hat colors in the current market, you can contact CNCAPS to manufacture your custom hats in your own colors and also your styles as well.When you send us your favorite color Pantone code, then we can find the most similar color to you from our existing color swatches.And even if you don' like all the similar colors from our existing swatches we can search it from our fabric marketplace for more options. Finally, you will be satisfied with our selections. Also, of course, we [...]

30 05, 2016
  • Hat packaging

Hat packing and delivery

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Here is the Hat packing and delivery information when you import goods from us: / HAT PACKING / 1. Standard packing details: 120PCS/CTN,60*50*50CM,11 KG (Always less than 15KG) ; 2. Photos of standard packing for reference; 3. Also, it can be customized to customer's special requirement. Hat packing / HAT SHIPPING / 1. Sea Freight: Most economic shipping way but it will take up to 30 or even 65 days for customer to wait until getting the goods; 2. Air Freight: More expensive than Sea freight but consignee can get the goods within 7-10 days, clearance fees will [...]

29 05, 2016
  • How to choose hat size

Hat size and how to measure head circumference

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An average head size for Men is size 7 3⁄8 (using U.S. size), 58 cm (using European size) or 7 1⁄8 (using UK size). The average head size for Women is 7 1⁄4 (U.S. sizing) .Of course, head sizes and shapes can also differ from country to country. Step 1:  MEASURING HEAD SIZE Measuring tool: a soft cloth measure tape or a string PLACE it around your head, across mid-forehead and positioned 1/8 inches above the ears. Measuring :hold the tape /string firmly but not too tight ,measuring the length in CM. Find the suitable size on the hat size chart . [...]