Changes of hat trends when compared with 10 years ago

The fashion trends of any clothing and accessories we wear are constantly changing, and so are hats. Compared with 10 years ago, what are the changes in the common types of hats?

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Baseball caps are still the eternal classic among all hats. Just like 10 years ago, various types of baseball caps are popular in the streets. Baseball caps can be matched with almost all kinds of scenes and can also be matched with various temperaments. Its sleek, casual, and dynamic style has never gone out of style for 10 years.

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In the past 10 years, the status of the bucket hat has been greatly improved compared with the past. From the past, it was more of a fashion hat for women’s summer sunshade, and now it has developed into a versatile hat that can compete with baseball caps. Now, there are a wide variety of fisherman hats. Wide-brimmed fisherman hats and short-brimmed fisherman hats have different styles. I believe that fisherman hats will have better development prospects in the future.

Other common hat types such as berets and flat caps are tepid. Flat-top military caps are a type of hat that loses heat faster, because this type of hat can be matched with a relatively simple face shape, and at the same time, in terms of comfort, It is not particularly good. In the current fashion trend, it has gradually withdrawn from the ranks of mainstream popular hats.

The unpopular hat-shaped shell hats and capes that were popular 10 years ago have sprung up in recent years. The shell hat is a fashionable empty top hat that has emerged in recent years. The cape has shown a very practical value during the epidemic and high temperature in recent years, and the improvement of the appearance has also made the cape a common beautiful scenery in summer.

We see that compared with 10 years ago, the common popular hat types have changed a lot. Which one do you prefer? Let’s wait and see what the hat will look like in the next decade.